Why is it so important to forgive?

A tremendous great gift

Deep, unresolved and suppressed anger can have a devastating effect on your health. Learning to forgive yourself or someone else is a gift of tremendous value

Are you ready for love

Are you ready for love?

How do you know if you are ready for love, a new partner in your life? And what can you do to work on unresolved issues that may prevent new love coming into your life?

You are your own guru

You are your own guru

Are you an independent soul? Do you follow your own instinct? Do you feel the need to feed your soul and that you are born for a reason?

Soulmates en Twinsouls

Soulmates & Twinsouls

How do you know if you have met your Soulmate? And when are you ready to meet him or her? Read what spiritguides want to explain about this subject…

Psychic Healing

What is a Psychic Healing?

There is energy flowing in and around our body that can sometimes become unbalanced. With the help of healing it is possible to restore the energy fields of the body and the aura. The energy of the psychic healer…


What are Chakras?

You have 7 chakras in your body. Root-Sacral-Solar Plexus-Heart-Throat-Third Eye and Crown chakra. It’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely…

examples of questions you can ask

What do you want to ask our Psychics?

‘There are no stupid questions…only stupid answers’. Our Psychics know that every question you have, is coming from a longing to grow. You are here on Earth to learn and grow. So no question is strange or weird from our broad point of view.

Are you an old soul

The Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul

You have probably heard or read alot about this topic. But what does it mean when you are an old soul? How do they move through this thing called Life? Can you tell by the way they look?

Highly Sensitive Person

What to do when you’re a HSP?

Some people are more sensitive than others. They feel the energy. They ‘know’ things. They often feel very different than other people because they just sense so much! Take this test to see if you are a HSP.

Free meditation

How do I meditate?

Various studies have shown that the brain-function of meditation practioners function at a high level. Meditation practioners often have better mental and emotional health.

the right psychic

How do you know which psychic to call?

All our Psychics and Tarot card readers work in their own unique way. They work together with their team of Spiritguides. It is all about energy. Which Psychic or Tarot card reader blends with your energy?

Powerful meditations

Powerful meditations

We like to share these 3 short meditations with you. If only you knew how powerful your own mind is! Meditating for 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your life.

E-mail reading

Ask your question to one of our Psychics

If you have a question about love and romance, work, career, money, children etc. and you rather would like to receive the answers by email; our Psychics also offer email readings.

Psychic Medium

What is a Psychic Medium?

All Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums. We are entering a new dimension. We live in exciting times! Our consciousness is growing. Our Psychic Mediums can explain what is happening right now and in the years to come.

meaning of dreams

The meaning of dreams

You dream several times every night. Half you don’t remember but some are so intense and full of symbolism. They give information about your life and what is happening at this moment.

Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience

A near death experience (NDE) is often felt like an overwhelming, intense and emotional experience. The realization that there is really life after death. It can turn a person’s world totally upside down. Often their life will never be the same…

photo reading

Send a photo before or during your reading

We offer the possibility to send a photo during or before your reading. This can be a photo of a deceased loved one or someone you want to ask questions about or even a pet.

Source and the cycle of the soul

Your soul is infinite

Where do you come from? When you die; where do you go to? Are you more than just your body? Are you alone or do you have support from Spiritguides? What happens when you do die? Do you meet loved ones? Does Karma exist? Is Heaven real? What happens to your soul?

What is fear of commitment or abandonment

Fear of commitment or abandonment

It is difficult when you or a potential partner struggles with fear of commitment or abandonment. On one hand, they really want a relationship. But on the other hand they want to run away as fast as they can…

recognize a narcissist

What is a narcissist?

What does narcissism look like in a partner? Sometimes it can be difficult to be certain if you are dealing with a partner with a narcissistic personality disorder…

Higher Self

What is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is a part of you. Your HS is with you in every lifetime. Your HS knows exactly what your lifepath is and what you want to do and achieve in this lifetime…

Aura change

Your Aura

The colours of your aura change during the day. It depends on how you feel, what you are doing. Your aura can be close to your body or the opposite. Aura colours give information about…



What you send – you get back. What you do or say comes back to you. So make sure you create good and positive Karma for yourself. Be aware of what you do and what you say. Treat people, animals, nature the way you would like to be treated.

Books we love

Books we love

In the jungle of books, we have made a list of books we love. Books from spiritual teachers like Abraham, Seth and Tolle.

Extraterrestrial life and UFOS

Life on other planets

Are we alone in the Universe? Will we come into contact with other lifeforms in the near future? Does the government know more than they tell us?

Different kind of Spirit

Different kind of Spirit guides

Every person has one main Spiritguide and several helpguides. They love you unconditionally. Your ideas, impulses, flashes of insight etc. come from your Spiritguides

Loss and grief

Loss and grief

Losing someone you love is very painful. A mourning proces follows and every person mourns in their own way. How do deceased loved ones look at our feelings of loss and grief?

What is a Spirit guide

What is a Spirit guide?

The loving bond you have with your Spiritguide goes back centuries. In every lifetime you have a different Spiritguide. All guides are also guided by an Oversoul. Read more about your Spiritguide…

Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading

Tarot is a voyage of discovery. The cards show you who you are and what your future looks like. Tarot cards give deep insight about yourself.

Fun things to do

Fun things to do…

Your Spirit guides know exactly who you are. They know you at cell level. We use far too little of the knowledge they have about us. You can ask for help in your day to day life and with ‘bigger’ topics…

Protect yourself when you are highly sensitive

Protect yourself when you are highly sensitive

Sensing so much can certainly have benefits in your life. But it is necessary to protect yourself every day against too much information and emotions. You need to know the difference between your own emotions and the emotions of other people.

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Everything happens at the same time

Time is invented by humans. In the Universe, time doesn’t exist. For everything happens at the same time. That doesn’t mean we can’t give time-frames, but you are of influence. For you create your own reality and your own time-frame.

Who is your Spirit guide

Who is your Spirit guide?

Developing a close contact with your own Spirit guide can be very beneficial. You share a loving bond that goes back centuries. Our Psychics can tell you all about your own Spirit guide

Our psychics are ready to answer your call

Our psychics are ready to answer your call

If the psychic of your choice is not available, you can schedule a time and day that suits you best. We are available 7 days a week. Do you want to book a reading with one of our gifted psychic mediums?

Get the most out of your Psychic reading

Get the most out of your Psychic reading

What is (from our Psychic point of view) the best way to participate in a Psychic reading? Keep an open mind and keep in mind that sometimes you don’t get the answers you want to hear. Because most of the time they are even better than what you expected!

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Personal Spirit guide reading

What is the mission of your soul? Personal developments you can expect? With what purpose is your Guide with you? What was your connection on earth and much much more…

Influence of a full moon and new moon

Influence of a full moon and new moon

‘The feeling that there’s something wrong…. There is nothing – NOTHING wrong with me at all. It’s just the way the moon makes me feel….’ Source: unknown

What’s it like to be paranormal

What’s it like to be paranormal?

Everyone is born with a sixth sense. We are all an extension of Source-energy. Our soul, our Higher Self knows everything about who we are and what we want to do here on Earth. You can develop your psychic abilities if you want to. Our Psychics can explain how to do this.



What do other people say about us? And guess what’s the best thing about these reviews? They are written by real customers….

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What is a psychic healing

Are you an old soul

What are chakras

Example of questions you can ask

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What is a psychic medium

Different kind of spirit guides

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