Chakras are the centers of spiritual energy in the body, they are a kind of energy sources. Chakras absorb energy and release energy through energy channels that flow through the body. There are 7 important chakras in the body that run along the spine up to the crown.

Chakras are responsible for the activation of various bodily functions such as walking, speaking and breathing. In addition, they play an important role in the well-being of the body and mind. Each chakra plays a different role in emotions and bodily functions. When all chakras are open and active, the body is perfectly balanced. This is often not the case. Chakras can be closed causing blockages and energy can not flow freely through the body. When one of the chakras is closed, another chakra compensates for this. Here, the chakra becomes overactive, which in turn can lead to other problems. Through meditation and yoga you can balance your chakras.

7 main chakras

Muladhara / root chakra

The first chakra is the root chakra and is called Muladhara. This chakra ensures that you feel stable. You are grounded and feel good through the good contact with the earth.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra and is located just below the navel. This chakra stands for expressing emotions, movement, creativity, sexuality and relationships.

Manipura / solar plexus chakra

The third Chakra is the Manipura. Energy, self-esteem, joy and control over yourself are central to this chakra. When this chakra is in balance, you gain strength to achieve what you want and you are there for yourself and others.

Anahata / heart chakra

The fourth chakra is located at the heart. This energy point stands for love, trust, hope and balance. This chakra is about friendliness for yourself and others.

Vishuddhi / throat chakra

The Vishuddhi chakra is located near the larynx and cervical vertebrae and close to the thyroid gland. This is why the metabolism plays a major role in this fifth chakra. The chakra stands for cleaning the body and communication.

Ajna / forehead chakra

The sixth chakra Ajna is located between the eyebrows. With this chakra, conscience is central and plays a major role in the consciousness and choices you make in life.

Sahasrara / crown chakra

The last chakra is located in the area of ​​the crown and ensures that energy can flow optimally through your body. This seventh chakra ensures unity.

Open chakras

Chakras can be brought out of balance by negative thoughts, factors from the environment and wrong food. By re-opening a chakra, the balance is restored and energy flows back through the body. The first chakra is often the least open and often out of balance. This creates fear and uncertainty. A chakra that is out of balance can provide little energy, little trust, sadness, fear and a weak immune system. With the help of yoga and meditation it is possible to open the chakras and bring them into balance.

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