Different kind of Spirit guides

Every person has one main Spirit guide and several helpguides, also known as Guardian Angels. With your main guide (feminine or masculine) you have, before you were born, talked about the lessons you want to learn in this life. He or she assists you in this life and offers you help, guidance and protection wherever he/she can. When you die, you come together to see what you have learned. How did you interact with other people? Which lessons are not fully integrated? The love of your guides towards you is unconditional and they will never ever condemn you.

Your main guide is someone you have shared a life with on earth. You had a strong and very close bond in that lifetime or maybe even several lifetimes. It is a very old soul that will no longer incarnate. Your guide is always there for you. You only have to speak to him or her and he/she is there for you. He or she gives you advice and you can accept this or not, You choose, you have free will.

Helpguides are family members, friends or acquaintances who have died. They stay with you for a certain period in your life to assist you and to teach you things. Sometimes it is also possible that you can teach them things, because “in heaven” the learning process continues. Their love is unconditional and condemnation does not exist. What is unconditional love? Unconditional love means; loving the other person without any expectations.

It is so nice to have contact with your Guides and everyone can learn this. In fact, everyone listens to their Guides but most don’t realize it. When you get an idea or a sudden impuls to do something: that’s coming from your Guides.

‘What is unconditional love? Unconditional love means; loving the other person without any expectations’

You should see the contact with your Guides as a close friendship just as we know it here on earth. Treat him or her as a friend, they treat you the same way. Except their love is unconditional towards us. Most have a great sense of humor!

The difference between an earthly friendship and the friendship with your main guide is that your main guide knows you on a soul-level and can therefore give you very deep insights about yourself and tailored advice, given from love and helping you to grow. Learning the lessons you wanted to learn in this lifetime.

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