Your Spirit guide or guardian angel is always by your side

Your main Spirit guide is always by your side. His or her job is to guide you during your entire lifetime. Not ‘sitting on top of you’ but always within reach. I (Barbara) have frequent, daily contact with my main Spirit guide and I also write a lot about what he tells me about various topics I am interested about. His name is Ben. I asked him if it’s not hard to be a main Spirit guide. To this he gave me the following answer:

‘No, it isn’t hard. I have chosen this task with all my heart. The task of main spirit guide also helps me to grow as a soul. Learning and growing never stops.  Always a step higher and further. There are so many tasks that you can fulfill when you are dead. I have said YES! to be a main guide. You must understand that a life on earth is a very short period for us. In my experience I walk along with Barbara for a brief moment, from her point of view it’s a lifetime.’

In my personal life I often ask my guide for help and support and I also give this advice to the people who consult me. That they can always ask for help and support from their Spirit guides.

Ben said the following about this:

‘We love it when we are asked to help. Of course we can not grant every request. Your will, your ego, is sometimes used to ask for help from us. That is totally different from asking for help from your heart, from the soul. Of course we immediately feel the difference; whether a question comes to us from the heart, or from the ego. There is usually compulsion or fear behind questions from the ego, but the heart knows no compulsion or fear. When we help, the result is not always immediately visible, because our help must run synchronously with everyone’s life path and the events in a life. Know and realize that everything happens exactly as planned, never too early and never too late.

We realize that impatience is active within you because it belongs to ‘being human’. Humans can’t see the bigger picture. We can. We know no impatience. We never let anyone wait for anything on purpose. Sometimes we hear people on earth say that they think they have been punished from ‘above’ because nothing happens as they would like it to happen (will – ego), but punishment doesn’t exists in our world. Remember the quote that it is sometimes a blessing when you don’t get what you want.

Yes, it is true that most lessons are taught in times of adversity. We do not call that a setback, we call it times of growth. You can easily check this for yourself. Take a look back at a period in your life in which you experienced a difficult time. If you look back at that time period, you will see how this has shaped you for the better in almost all cases. People often say after a difficult period that they have come out stronger. And by that they mean that they have learned a lot and that their soul has grown. Every lesson you learn on earth, big or small, you take with you in your invisible backpack with life experiences. Lifetime after liftetime. Your soul remembers everything…every person you have met or will meet, every event –big or small-, every emotion you’ve ever had or will have. Not only in this lifetime, but from all your past, present and future lifetimes.

‘When you fully realize that you yourself create your own reality-your own life, then your lessons on earth are completed’

I have been working with Barbara for some time now, to make people aware that one is never alone. That there is support, love and guidance around you in the form of guides. This is one of her duties here on earth, to help build bridges between humans and guides. We are already on the way, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Every person has a team around them that they can call on. We will always help. Always. Know this, realize this and take advantage of it.

You live in a special time. It is the age when you can all grow to a higher consciousness. The more you open up to this, the easier this will go. You give the impetus, you are the front runners and set the tone. That requires guts. A new era is born and births are rarely without pain. A lot of things that seem totally impossible are quite normal within a hundred years. You can not imagine that yet. Just as people in the Middle Ages could not imagine that there would ever be someone walking around on the moon.

Someday you come back home again; in the world in which I live. You can be very proud of yourself that you have stood at the cradle of this new era.

With love and gratitude, Ben”.

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