Make contact with your own spirit guide

There are many ways to make contact with your own Spirit guide. I would like to explain one way to achieve this. First, find a quiet place. Somewhere where you can not be disturbed by telephone, radio, tv. Everything that distracts can disrupt. Take a few deep breaths until you feel relaxed. Take your time to become really relaxed. Being relaxed is key!

Visualize your own body in your thoughts and surround yourself with a bright white light.

Visualize that you are at the top of a staircase. This staircase has 10 steps down. At the end of the last step you see a closed door. If you open that door, you will meet your Spirit guide behind that door.

You are at the top of the stairs and you walk down slowly and you count the steps of 10, 9, 8, 7 and so on until you have arrived at the door. Now you open that door and there will be your guide. You may decide in your visualization in which setting you are going to see him or her.

You may find the beach very beautiful, while another will visualize a lawn or a forest. Let your imagination run wild, it is about creating a place in your mind where you feel at ease. You have opened the door and you see your guide. It is not bad or wrong if you do not see a face or a body. A vague figure is sufficient the first few times, the rest will come later.

‘Or you can also just be still and enjoy each others presence’

Walk calmly towards him or her and sit, stand or lie in front of him/her. Whatever you like best. You can now talk to your guide, but you can also wait to see what your guide says to you. The communication goes through thoughts, so thoughts will arise in your head. What do you want to ask him or her? What do you want to tell him or her? Or you can also just be still and enjoy each others presence.

Communicating with your guide may be confusing at first because you will think “are these my thoughts or the words of my guide?” This is very normal and only by practicing this regularly you will notice that sometimes thoughts come to you that you are certain that they are not coming from yourself.

Practice is really the key and the more often you seek contact, the easier it will become. Then you will also notice that you will no longer need the stairs and the door to get in touch. If it fails the first time do not be disappointed. You did not learn cycling and roller skating in one go.

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