How it works:

  1. Click on ‘Login’ and first create a free account.
  2. Log in with your email address and password.
  3. Your credit PIN code and balance are immediately visible in your account.
  4. You do not have credits yet, click on 'Buy more credits'.
  5. Choose the amount (starting from $60) you want to top up.
  6. Choose who you want to call and click ‘Call now’.
  7. Your payment is made via PayPal.

You now have a credit account.

  1. Go back to the person you want to call.
  2. Click on ‘Call now’ and call the number on your screen - 1 800 28 360 88.
  3. Press 2: you already know who you want to talk with.
  4. Enter the box number. You will now be transferred immediately.
  5. When your credits run low, you will hear a notification promptly.
  6. You can top up your credits via the website whenever you want.
  7. You will always see the remaining credit at the top of the page.
  8. You only have to enter your personal PIN code once; our system remembers your PIN code automatically.

This is how easy it is to top up, call and chat with a credit account.


Secure payment:

  1. Your privacy and security during a payment are our top priority.
  2. Our payment providers PayPal and Mollie are under strict supervision by the American and Dutch authorities.
  3. We have no access to your payment information in any way.
  4. Data you use when topping up is encrypted with 128-bit encryption.
  5. Payments go completely through our servers directly to our payment provider Mollie and PayPal.
  6. In this way, topping up credits is guaranteed to be safe.


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