What is synastry? 

Synastry is the branch of astrology that deals with relationships by laying two birth charts on top of each other to check compatibility and see how well they fit. It’s about examining where your partners planets were located in relation to yours at birth and interpreting the outcome. It shows the position of the Sun, Moon and planets as a map of the galaxy at the exact time of birth. A synastry chart is visually equal to a birth chart (a 360-degree wheel divided into 12 sections), however, there are twice as many elements. 

Ideally, certain strong compatibility indicators should be mixed with some challenging or more demanding combinations to keep a good balance. Strong indicators of compatibility include specific combinations, trines or similar signs and elements. Synastry is all about how people affect one another individually and how they connect. If you would only look at a birth chart, you can find what someone is looking for in love. But synastry goes deeper than that and shows how you push each other’s buttons. 

Compatibility indicators 

In synastry, these are a few classic compatibility indicators which are harmonious aspects between the Sun and Moon, Venus and the Moon or love planets Mars and Venus. The signs can reveal whether sexual attraction and compatibility are weak or powerful. Having a similar star signs points to a way of supporting rather than antagonizing each other. Opposite star signs on the other hand can reveal how partners stimulate each other in the relationship, whether this occurs by fascination, complementing or challenging each other or the way they communicate. Not only star signs, but also Earth signs such as Air, Water and Fire play a major role in what attracts us to someone and makes a relationship work.
Compatibility will be assessed in many different areas of the relationship including: friendship, attraction, communication and more. A light will shine on weaknesses and strengths. 

How to receive your free synastry report  

  • Get your free synastry report here 
  • The first step is to log into your account (make a new account if you don’t already have one)
  • Click on ‘free synastry report’ 
  • Fill in the form (including your names, birth dates, birth times (if known), place of birth and email address – note: to receive this report you have to be 18+) 
  • Wait for the report to bounce in your email and have fun reading it
    (don’t worry – we only use your email address to send the synastry report and special free offers a couple of times a year – no newsletters) 

A synastry report is only one of the ways astrology can offer you insights. Don’t hesitate to check out different kind of readings and psychics on our websiteAlways feel free to call us on: 1-800 28 360 88 

The benefits of a free synastry chart reading

– You will have the free synastry chart reading in your mailbox in no time. No long periods of waiting but immediately exciting and promising insights based on the chart.

– The reading gives you insights into your current relationship. Are you right for each other or are you not as good of a match as you thought? Be careful with drawing hasty conclusions. If you find it difficult to interpret the outcome it is always advisable to contact one of Barbara’s team of psychics.

– Receive an extensive report and read it back whenever you want.

– The stars don’t lie. Be prepared for accurate predictions. But again, do you need more context or is it hard for you to imagine that this outcome is accurate? Then get advice from one of our mediums.

– The report is easy to read. No need to worry about difficult sentences.

Barbara’s Mediums

At Barbara Psychic Mediums you will find only the best mediums. Our psychics handle the information they receive from you with care at all times. They actually have to, because a lot of readings and sessions result in very sensitive information. It is sometimes said that entities and otherworldly forces only reveal themselves to mediums who really have the qualities to deal with them. Mediums who can serve as honest and pure mediators between earthly reality and that of the higher world. We believe in this as well. That is why Barbara only has mediums in its team who can meet these requirements. 

About the mediums

The work of our mediums can be quite heavy mentally. In addition to all the impressions of the physical world, they also have a lot of impressions and messages from the supernatural world to process. It’s hard to imagine that they won’t go crazy because of all the double stimulation sometimes. It can indeed be said that this takes a lot of energy because it really does. Even the most experienced medium always needs some time after a session to recover. 

To our mediums it’s significant that they can also shield themselves from the stimuli at times. Fortunately, many experienced psychics are able to do this. It also makes a difference that most experienced mediums only contact the higher world in the right way. Most say they have never had contact with entities in an unpleasant or hostile way. They will never exert pressure and always have contact with the afterlife in a warm manner.  

It is important to realize that even the best mediums are not all-knowing. When entities pass on certain signals or messages, the medium will only serve as a translator of the message and he or she will continue to ask questions where necessary. If there are no clear answers to the questions, the medium of course unfortunately cannot change this. 

Doing readings can be emotionally demanding. You have to remember that our mediums are also people with emotions. During the readings they will of course always try to keep their distance from this. It is especially heavy because the medium naturally mediates between two parties who, in many cases, are feeling intense emotions. Those of the client and those of the entity from the higher world. So, in order to be of the best possible service to you, they always try to keep a distance from those emotions. They will come across as sober but are always friendly. 

Examples of questions commonly asked during sessions

Our mediums see it as their calling to answer your questions. Would you also like to receive answers, but are you not quite sure what questions to ask? Get inspired with these examples of interesting questions you can ask one of our psychics. 

About friends and/or family

What energy do I have socially?  

The energy you radiate can be important for the way friends and family see you. Do you feel that contact with these people has been a bit rigid lately? That may just come down to your energy. 

Are there things I should know about my loved ones? 

It is nice to know what is going on in the lives of your loved ones. However, people are used to not sharing everything about their lives. The more you know about your loved ones, the better you can understand them and the better the interaction between you two is. 

About love and relationships

What choices should I make in terms of love?  

For so many of us, love is an important theme in life. You want to make the right choices, that will ensure that the love relationships you have, or commit into, are always shaped in the right way.  

Are there things within my relationship that can be improved?  

Sometimes things within a romantic relationship can be a little more difficult than hoped for. It often happens that the nature of the problems is rooted more deeply than previously thought. A reading can give you the answers you need to get your relationship back on track. 

General questions

Are there things in life I possibly overlooked, but should know about? 

A medium can tell you a lot. When you start with this open-ended question, it can go in any direction. That might just make it interesting if you don’t know what you want to talk about yet. 

Is there any advice you have for me to shape my life better or improve my energy? 

Do you feel that there are things that aren’t going as well in your life, but you don’t know exactly what they are? Then you might find out a lot of new insights with this open question. 

Do you have any other questions, or would you like to schedule a reading? Please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you. 


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