What’s it like to be a psychic medium?

This question is often asked, so I thought it would be nice to write a bit about this. It makes me incredibly happy to give readings. When I channel information, I am in contact with Source. Source is where we all come from and return to. I truly feel the unconditional love from Source. I switch myself off during a reading. What I think and feel doesn’t matter, only the information that is passed on by the Spirit guides matters. I don’t go into trance, with my vibration I find the vibration/frequency of Source. And that is such a wonderful frequency. You can compare the frequency of Source by the way you feel when you are meditating. When your thoughts stop and you are right IN the moment, in the NOW *. And you feel completely one with everything in the Universe

‘You can compare the frequency of Source by the way you feel when you are meditating’

When I am somewhere and people do not know me and ask what kind of work I do, 9 out of 10 times the first reaction is: what do you see around me? I understand that people ask that question and that they would love to get information. However, I take good care to keep my work and private life separated. That’s so important. When I was much younger, I did not have that dividing line. At one point I felt like I was always ‘on’ to pass on messages. I didn’t want that anymore. You get exhausted when there is no healthy balance between work and free time.

Everyone is born paranormal. When we are around 5/6 years of age, we ​​begin to use our brain and common sense more often. Everyone has a strong intuition. Our inner being continuously tells us whether something is good or not. I always encourage people to listen to their gut feeling. Don’t ever underestimate this. Take the predictions and insights as extra knowledge and live your own life the way you feel you should. Your own intuition is much more important.

It is very helpful to ask a psychic a second opinion, about if what you feel is true when you doubt your own feelings. Our own feelings sometimes get colored by fear or wishful thinking.

It is of course also very helpful to receive practical and useful tips and advice from Source about your love life, work, money, messages from deceased loved ones and many other subjects.

‘Often we as humans forget who we really are and the Spirit guides help us to remember’

The contact with my Spiritguide. Ben is very close and loving. I always work intensively with him during readings.

I also give Spiritguide-readings with him. This reading tells you who your Spirit Guide is, why you are here, what soul mission you have in this life, who you are and so on. Often we as humans forget who we really are and the Spirit guides help us to remember. A small part of us is human (because we have a body) but our largest part is pure Source energy.

I think I have the most beautiful profession in the world. Helping people showing them the wealth of opportunities and talents they have. Giving clarity, answers and insights. Connecting people with their own Spiritguides and Source energy.

All answers are found within yourself, but sometimes you need someone who can show you the way so that you can follow your path with clarity and confidence.

I have written a book called ‘We are more alive than most of the living.’ What is the truth about life and death? Does coincidence exist? What is it like to die and what are deceased loved ones doing now? ‘We Are More Alive Than Most of the Living’ is an easy to read book in a playful Q&A format and written for a broad reading audience. You can buy this book here:

*Living in the NOW, in the present moment is very powerful. Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher who explains why it is so powerful and life changing to live in the NOW and to experience the power of NOW.

Visit his wonderful website: http://www.eckharttolle.com/

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