What is a Psychic Medium?

Probably, you might have come across the word “Psychic Medium”. But what do we mean when we use the term psychic medium? Keep reading to understand more about this group of unexplored professionals.

The word “Psychic” and “Medium” can be used separately in a context. In fact, a psychic is not necessary a medium but a medium is always a psychic. Probably by now you might be wondering what brings about the difference?

Psychic are people born with higher intuition sometimes referred to as the “sixth sense”, which they develop through learning and practice. On the other hand, medium abilities cannot be learned or developed; it is a gift a person is born with. In simple, a medium is like a soul with a physical body that provides a bridge between our world and the spirit world.

Mediums have always existed since the ancient times and have relayed messages from the spirits long before our ancestors were born. The latter group receives messages from the spirit world in different ways.

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing) – This implies they see actual images of these messages
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing) – They hear actual auditory messages
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing) – They have actual revelations
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling) – They actual messages from the touch
  • Clairgustance (clear tasting) -use sense of taste
  • Clairscent (clear smelling) – involves smells

In fact, they use all the five senses that a human being possesses. According to mediums, the dead are actually very chatty since many people die with many unresolved issues.

When it comes to psychic, the aforementioned category will employ psychic abilities developed to gather information from their clients and channel the energy of the people to feel or sense their past, present, or the future.

The most crucial thing to note is that a Medium will always integrate their psychic abilities plus their medium abilities to communicate or forecast the future. Therefore, when you combine the two abilities you come up with psychic medium, which will form the basis of our article.

What is it like being a psychic medium?

The ability to detect information beyond what the senses can identify is both a blessing and a curse in disguise. The burden of seeing other peoples future and communicating to the dead can be overwhelming. People mostly use their five senses to examine and explain their surroundings. As a psychic medium, you are able to pick up on things that nobody else can. I feel, hear and even see things that I cannot explain.

What is it like being a psychic medium? This innocent question sounds so easy to answer but it is the most difficult for psychics. Our experiences may be different due to differences in attitudes, values, ideas and beliefs. Although our experiences may vary as psychics, we all agree on one thing, that it is a worthwhile experience. Having all these people put their trust in you, displaying their grieves, hopes, fears, and really opening up to you it is not an easy task.

Imagine, someone putting all their faith in you to connect with their loved ones, receive answers to their questions and help them feel better than they did before the beginning of the session. This gives a good feeling but also makes you feel responsible.

Of course, it might change how you relate with people and some instance some might call you rude names like “Freak.” In my line, I tend to rate people on a consciousness scale. Enlightened people seem brighter compared to unenlightened people. I can also see through other people’s perception and can feel what other people are feeling we connect. Overall, being a psychic is a wonderful experience and I certainly feel blessed to have an ability that can help people.

Where can I find a legit Psychic Medium?

Many people always dismiss what they cannot prove. In fact, most of them have a bad experience with a fraudulent psychic/medium that give even genuine professionals a bad reputation. To make the matter worse, there no license or certification to prove the legality of psychic/mediums.

Nonetheless, if you are looking psychic medium services there are factors to look for, that will isolate the real ones from frauds. A genuine psychic/ medium should

  • Take charge and guide the whole process giving you the answers they get
  • Never mind if you interrupt the process prematurely
  • Never use fear tactics by telling the clients frightening facts like deaths and accidents
  • Never give false promises that they cannot guarantee
  • Never be over obsessive with money or ask for incentives to pray for their clients
  • Never ask many leading questions from their clients.
  • Never give 100% assurance that the future of their clients is certain
  • Never frighten people with a curse or dark energy
  • Never try to manipulate you to come back for session
  • Never claim they can lift curses

These signals will help you to isolate the legit psychic from fraudsters. Importantly, if you find the latter professional primary focus being money, then you should run and never look back.

Are Psychic Mediums Real?

Some years back, if you talked about psychic or mediums then you would be the black sheep of the group. However, currently people are becoming more open-minded and recognizing these abilities. According to Socrates, “A person eyesight can be fine, but without light to discern, then it is useless.” This statement has never been truer, considering how the number of people who seek psychic/medium services has tremendously increased.

Some non-believers have come up with some myth to compromise the existence of psychic mediums.

To comprehend better how they psychic/mediums works, let us debunk some myths.

  • Myth 1: Psychic mediums are scammers and use cold reading to con us

With the hard economy, con artists try to make a quick buck by playing the roles of psychic or medium. In fact, they use diabolical schemes to swindle unsuspecting clients. This scenario has messed the name of genuine psychic medium. One thing you should know about scammers they do stick in the line for long. Once they get there catch they move on to new opportunities.

  • Myth 2: If psychics were real, wouldn’t it be easy to find missing persons?

Situations involving crime and cases are somewhat complicated. The medium only receive generic information about crimes, and when they get specific information, it can be very hard to form a connection that is relevant to crack a case. Even though once in a while you might find them helping in missing person cases, it rarely happens.

  • Myth 3: Psychics mediums can read minds

Just imagining someone having the ability to read minds. This can scare you out of your skin. In fact, there is nobody with the ability to do so. Mediums and psychics tune and channel their client’s energy to obtain information about their life.

  • Myth 4: Psychics/Mediums research everyone in the audience before a show.

This myth arises in cases where a psychic or medium is dealing with a crowd. Let us take an instance where there are more than 200 people seeking attention of a medium. Logically speaking, it would take NSA level technology to do research for all those people not to mention an enormous budget. Therefore, this is not possible under any circumstances.

  • Myth 5: Psychic/Mediums can predict the future

You might have heard some people say that a psychic predicted their future. This is not entirely true since they just tune into energies of their clients that are interconnected with future events. In fact, when a psychic/medium tells you about a future incident, they do not give 100% guarantee. A legit psychic medium will use tools like astrology, tarot cards, and palmistry to give possible future events. Therefore, I can say confidently that psychic/mediums do not predict the future.

How do Medium Speaks to Spirits

Communicating with spirits? This can be such a spooky subject. Many people try to explain it scientifically but the matters of divinity cannot be addressed by science. As we mentioned earlier, spirits of the dead are always very chatty since nobody who knows when they will die, so they leave behind many unresolved issues. When mediums connect with the alternate dimensions, they receive parts of information; therefore, they have to use their intuition to come up with viable interpretations.


Is a Psychic Reading Always Accurate?

The parts of information received by psychic are always subject to personal interpretation. Once they receive the image, they might be faced with over a thousand possibilities to choose from and this can be actually hard. No psychic or medium will give you a 100% guarantee this means there is a margin of error. Importantly, future occurrences are not written on stone so circumstances might take a turn.


Is a psychic reading on an Internet Chat Accurate?

A reading made virtually and a reading made physically will always yield the same results. The most crucial thing for a psychic/medium is to access your energy and they can do so in either way. Let us take an instance where Mr. Brad wants to get a reading via internet chat. What Mr. Brad has actually done is like giving the psychic or the medium log in to his account so that they can access your information. Therefore, with the era of social media, you can get your reading from your favorite psychic from anywhere.


How can you tell Mediums Exists?

In this case, let us talk science. Materialists’ scientists believe that brain activities produce consciousness. Therefore, an illusion or an epiphenomenon will always trigger some cognitive activity. This is based on Fred Sigmund theory about parts of a brain. Even though scientist have never conducted a conclusive research that fully unmasks the working of the brain, it is believed that the human brain should tap into the consciousness that exists outside our bodies. This forms concepts of pre-cognition and telepathy. If this is the case, then psychic and mediums can tap to someone else’s energy telepathically to come up with a reading.

Are there different types of psychics?

Just like any other disciplines that you find a specialists the same cases applies to Medium/Psychic. When you want some connections with the spirit world or want someone to tap to your divine energy, you should know there these four different types of psychics.

  • Healing

Everybody falls sick at times. To perform a healing process, psychic/mediums use their hands to tap into divine light energy spirit, which helps their clients to get better.

  • Spiritual mediums

This the area that spooks many people. Getting in touch with a person who died can sometimes be a frightening experience. However, you should not worry because the spiritual medium acts as the bridge and use different methods such as clairaudience to explain the message.

  • Channeling mediums

Their abilities are similar to spiritual mediums. The way of receiving and conveying messages are all the same, the only difference is that they can only communicate with specific spirits.

  • Physical mediums

Have you ever visited a medium and realized they can move things without touching them. They do so by creating physical phenomenon such as the creation of ectoplasm. If you find such a medium, then know you are dealing with physical mediums.

Why do Mediums Charge Money?

Just like any other human, mediums have bills to pay, need food, and get sick just to mention a few. For those mediums who seek jobs elsewhere to sustain their livelihood, they cannot fully balance addressing divinity and satisfying their bosses—the former will always be the casualty. Therefore, mediums who take their job seriously have to charge money for their upkeep.

With that in mind, psychic and mediums form a crucial part in our society. Even if you do not believe in them, give them the respect they are due.

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