Personal Guide-reading with regard to the development of your soul

Together with my Guides, it’s one of my goals to make people aware of the existence of their own Guides and to bring them into contact with them. We are never alone, we are lovingly helped by those who love us unconditionally, our Guides.

‘If looking back hurts & looking ahead makes you scared – look next to you – I walk along with you – every single day …. your Guide’

Your own Guide knows you on a soul-level like no other. With the help of your Guide, I can give you a Personal Guidereading.

What does this mean?

When you call me, within seconds I make contact with your energy and with your main Spirit guide.

He or she will tell you the following:

  • With what purpose is he or she with you?
  • Which phase of your life are you currently in?
  • What personal characteristics and talents are you developing the coming years and what purpose do they have in your life?
  • What personal development (s) can you expect the coming years?
  • What was your connection on earth in past lives?
  • What is the mission of your soul?
  • Which goals does your soul want to achieve in this lifetime?
  • All further information that your Guide wants to give to you.

It is an in-depth Guidereading through which you get to know and understand yourself better and through which you learn which inner change(s) will take place the coming years.

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