Fun things to do with your Spirit guides

Because your Spirit guides know you better than anyone else, you can ask them anything. They know you at cell level. We use far too little of the knowledge they have about us.

A few examples of how you can call in their help:

  • If you don’t feel good like tired, moody, coming down with something etc., ask them if they want to show you very clearly what kind of food you need at this moment to feel better. Ask them to show a picture in your head of the product, (for example, certain fruit or vegetables) that contain the specific vitamins, minerals etc. that your body needs right now. You can write this down on your shopping list. Or you can ask your guides before you walk into the store, so that your guides send you to the shelf and the product your body needs right now. (They unfortunately never send me to the cake and chocolate department.)

We all know what is healthy for us. But every body is unique. Nobody – except your guides and your Higher Self – knows what your body and cells need right now.

Ask this every month and see what they come up with. Our body is a miracle. It always tries – regardless of the condition it’s in – to return to its original healthy state. Your body will respond very gratefully if you specifically add things to your daily menu. Try to work as a team with your body. Try to listen, our body talks to us every single moment.

Do you want to read more about how to listen to your body, Click here

  • If you feel like you are stuck. This can occur, for example, if you have to write a text, make a choice between two or more possibilities, want to make an important purchase and so on. Our thinking often hinders clarity. Ask your guides if they want to show you a clear solution about the subject you are dealing with. (Say it out loud or in your mind, this doesn’t matter for they will hear you either way.) Then you let go of the subject. Your question has been heard by your guides and since they always walk with you and watch you, they know exactly what you are talking about. You will receive an answer. This answer can come to you when you do something that does not relate to the subject of your question. It comes when you feel relaxed. For example if you are meditating or taking a bath or a shower and so on.

Why does the answer come at that moment and not right away when you ask? You can only hear the answers from your guides when you are relaxed. That’s the clue. If you ask a question to your guides, you are most likely not relaxed. You are dealing with a problem and you are thinking about it. Your guides always give an answer right away, the question is; when are you able to hear the answer?

You can receive the answer when you are relaxed. So … 1. Ask your question. 2. Do something different and do not concern yourself with your question or topic. For example, take a walk outside, or clean your house. Something that makes your thoughts distract from your question and make you feel relaxed. 3. The answer comes. It works best for me when I cook or do the dishes. Then I am always relaxed and out of the blue comes the answer to my question. Usually the same day.

The following works also very well: ask your question before you start to meditate. If you meditate, you enter a relaxed state of mind so that you can get the answer to your question. The more you keep thinking and digging in your brain/mind what the answer is, the longer it takes for you to get clarity. So stop thinking and relax, that’s the key! (As easy as one, two three…) Have fun with your Spirit guides.

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