Source and the cycle of the soul

Where do we all come from, and where do we go when we die? ‘Heaven, The other side, Hereafter’? These are different names but it comes down to one and the same thing: Source. My spiritguide Ben told me the following about this subject:

“The Source is where we all came into being and where we will all return to. Some people call  Source God, Buddha, Allah, etc. The differences in religion have been created by people on earth. Within Source everyone is equal and there is no difference in religion. It does not matter what faith you have adhered to, it is about what you have done in your life as a person, as a soul. ‘Above’ there is no difference between men and women, whether you are straight or homosexual. Your sexual orientation is part of the lessons that you can learn as a person on earth. Your soul is equal to every other soul. There is no difference.

It is rather naive of people to think that they stand above other people. It may be unnecessary to say that these people are quite far removed from the Source in themselves. Someone who is negative to another person because he has a different skin color, a different faith or an ‘abnormal’ sexual orientation, should not be surprised if he or she is born in a next life with one of the characteristics that first disapproved! This is not from punishment; this is meant as a life lesson. That one has stood on both sides of the fence and learns about this. Negative attitude towards another person because of religious beliefs, skin color, sexual orientation and so on is often the case, because one lives with fear in the heart. Fear can take great proportions in one’s thinking and acting. Unfortunately, the history books are full of proof of this. One often hears that one can no longer believe in anything because IF there would be a God, why would he allow all these awful things in the world? The cause, however, does not lie with the Source or with a God, but with man himself. Only he himself is responsible for this.

I would like to go one step further in my explanation about the Source. To make it clearer, I am talking about two circles. I doubted whether I should use the word ‘cycle’ or ‘circle’, but a circle is something that people can visualize, I want to explain it as clearly as possible.

Circle number one is the largest circle, this circle represents all your lives on earth at the time of a certain era on earth. If you come from the Source and begin circle one, your first life begins. The first life runs synchronously with where the development of the earth and the people who then live on earth are at that moment. The earth and the Source work together. The Source needs the earth and the earth needs the Source to evolve. They evolve at the same pace. People are born in every age on earth who will be groundbreaking in that era. New inventions, new insights. This happens on a small scale, but also on a large scale. You are not born with knowledge and talent that does not fit in that era. Circle one stands for all your lives on earth. Every time you have finished a life, the circle becomes rounder until it is round and full.

The speed of the circle depends entirely on how quickly the lessons are taught. This is different for every soul, for every person. Some will take thousands of years to complete the circle and others shorter. If circle one is round, it means that you have learned all the lessons on earth and do not have to return. Then the completion of circle number two begins, because next to circle one there is a circle number two at the same time. Circle two represents the time that you spend between your lives on earth and after your last life on earth. This learning process goes faster than on earth, because you are above the ego, see the big picture and therefore get a much faster insight.

If circle one and two are round, then you have gone through a long cycle as a soul. Your consciousness will then be infinitely greater than now. After this long process of rounding the two circles you return to the Source and I do not mean that you are at the Source. You are always there, part of Source, even if you live on earth. Source is in every human being, animal, plant, etcetera. I mean that you literally return IN the Source. You then feed the Source literally with your love, all the knowledge gained from all those lives and a very high level of consciousness. The consciousness of the earth and the Source thus run synchronously with each other. All souls that are present IN the Source also run synchronously with the earth. The ‘food’ that you give to the Source after you have completed both circles ensures that the earth can go to the next cycle, a next age.

‘With your personality, talents, knowledge, your unique soul with which you were born; you are of so much value’

Suppose that you who read this are well over half of both circles. You then have a number of lives or maybe one life to go (depending on how quickly you learn) to round both circles. The earth and the people who live on earth are constantly evolving. Every new era on earth needs a new stream of souls that will contribute in that age. These souls possess the construction of knowledge (gained in past lives) that is needed to bring the earth to a new era. This new stream of souls must first be ‘born’ again from the Source and then enter into its cycle of the two circles.

The new stream of souls then slowly mixes with the present souls who already live on earth. A new era must always be set in motion slowly and that is why slow transition is needed. It is nice that I can now take the example of the new era, on which the earth has now begun. We are all slowly going from head to heart energy. Many highly sensitive souls are born, these souls have completed both circles and are now ready to enter the new era. Many are already born on earth, but the number is still relatively small. They possess the knowledge and wisdom needed to help the earth in this new age. The flow of these new souls increases more and more until all mankind on earth lives from heart energy. Needless to say that this will take many years to come. After this era, which has now begun, another new era follows. This has been going on for millions of years and this will continue for millions of years. Every new cycle on earth brings other life lessons with it. The living conditions on earth are in a new cycle and so the life lessons are also different. These are taught by the new stream of souls who have completed the two circles in the past and are now starting their new cycle of two circles and taking the earth to a new age.

Dear reader, I hope you really understand that you are not on Earth for nothing and that you contribute even if you may not see it yourself. Every person, every soul is needed for the evolution of earth. With your personality, talents, knowledge, your unique soul with which you were born, you are of so much value.’

I asked Ben what is the most difficult lesson to learn for us people here on earth:

‘The most difficult lesson is dealing with fear, having faith and daring to look at yourself honestly. Recognize when you are lived by fear. For example, wanting to have power comes from fear. Power is a bubble. People seek quarreling and wage war because of power. Fear that others will have a better life than you. Fear of making decisions, even if you indicate that you could do this without fear.

Jealousy comes from fear. Fear of losing what you think you have. Fear has many different faces. If you take as a starting point that in this life you will get exactly what you need and also have faith in it, and that fear only opposes you and goes against the flow of your soul growth, then fear disappears. But only if you really allow this in your heart. If you fully realize that what you get, will let you grow as a soul and that your fear comes from your ego, you can let go of it.

‘Every person has his or her own unique path. Try to find people who inspire you, who feed your soul’

What you give your attention grows. So if you pay a lot of attention to your fears – in whatever form they show up – then they only increase, until you are entangled in your own web of your thoughts that feed your fears. This can make you feel very unhappy. What you often see is that people want to get rid of their fear by projecting this fear onto others, or blaming others for the situation in which they find themselves. After all, they do not feel happy at all. Obviously, that gives unhealthy situations, but unfortunately it often happens. This blocks your soul growth.

Everything starts and ends with you. Always take yourself as a starting point and reflect on what you do. In all honesty to yourself. You can not blame anyone else. It is very refreshing if you dare to see yourself and how you act, from which emotion you act. Imagine a life without fear, without jealousy, without wanting power. Imagine a life in which you make choices from your heart. Imagine this for yourself … Take a few minutes here. Do you feel how much ballast suddenly falls off your shoulders and how much lighter you feel?

‘Being stuck in negative emotions result in self-pollution of aura and energy’

It could be like that if you let fear in all its forms no longer have a grip on your life. It is daring to let go of control. There is no control, control does not exist and is one big illusion. It is something that is maintained by the ego, because the ego thinks that control is possible. In a few seconds, your whole life can change through external events. Without control you surrender yourself to life and that can cause fear. And so the circle is round again and fear remains in your heart and head. The energy and aura of people who are stuck in their fear looks different than those of people who dare to go with the flow of life and dare to let go.

Being stuck in negative emotions result in self-pollution of aura and energy. By continuously going against the flow of your soul and your heart, your energy becomes smaller and the colors of your aura become weaker.

People who go with their natural flow and let themselves be guided by their intuition are more sparkling, they radiate a kind of natural peace. This is because they feel happier than people who have committed themselves to emotions that have no purpose. Which group would you like to belong to? If you dare to look at yourself honestly and acknowledge for yourself from which emotion you act, then you are almost there. Because from there you plant a seed in your heart that does not want to live like this anymore and the development is set in motion. You are on earth to learn. As soon as you realize that you want to do it differently in the future, you have made the start to learn a very important lesson.

As I said, everything starts and ends with YOU. It is important that you love yourself. That you accept that no one else is responsible for your happiness except yourself. You can never expect this responsibility from someone else, not even from your Spiritguide. We help you in every way we can, but you do have free will.

Every person has his or her own unique path. Try to find people who inspire you. That does not necessarily have to be a one-to-one contact, this can also be done through books, DVD, courses and so on. People who live in a negative emotion are not inspiring to you. Obtain a healthy distance from negative people. Realize that your soul wants to grow, so make sure the ‘food’ is available. Your guide will help you as soon as you indicate that you want to be fed. For example: your eyes will ‘accidentally’ see an article, website or a book; we ensure that your attention is drawn to those things.

Fully trust that everything you encounter on your life path is lovingly intended to grow as a human being, as a soul. Despite the fact that you can not remember that you have ever said YES to this life, you can trust that you had every good reasons to enter this life. I would like to emphasize that you are needed. No one is born by accident, your presence on earth is by intention. You belong to the ‘big picture’ and you contribute greatly. Otherwise you would not have been born. It’s as simple as that.

‘Fully trust that everything you encounter on your life path is lovingly intended to grow as a human being, as a soul’

Be inspired by others and inspire other people yourself. But at the same time make sure that everything you hear and see resonates with your own feelings. Intuition is often underestimated and that is unfortunate. Your intuition always immediately gives you a signal. Walk your own unique path and do not get carried away by the opinions of others if this does not feel right for you. You can not see where your path will lead you. Someone else can not see this for you either, so do not let idle opinions stop you from your path. Free yourself from fear in your heart and let your intuition take the most important place. Live a happy live, take care of yourself..till next time, Ben’.

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Do you want to read more about Ben (Barbara’s Spiritguide):

When I am somewhere and people do not know me and ask what kind of work I do, 9 out of 10 times the first reaction is: what do you see around me? I understand that people ask that question and that they would love to get information. However, I take good care to keep my work and private life separated. That’s so important. When I was much younger, I did not have that dividing line. At one point I felt like I was always ‘on’ to pass on messages. I didn’t want that anymore. You get exhausted when there is no healthy balance between work and free time.

Everyone is born paranormal. When we are around 5/6 years of age, we ​​begin to use our brain and common sense more often. Everyone has a strong intuition. Our inner being continuously tells us whether something is good or not. I always encourage people to listen to their gut feeling. Don’t ever underestimate this. Take the predictions and insights as extra knowledge and live your own life the way you feel you should. Your own intuition is much more important.

It is very helpful to ask a psychic a second opinion, about if what you feel is true when you doubt your own feelings. Our own feelings sometimes get colored by fear or wishful thinking.

It is of course also very helpful to receive practical and useful tips and advice from Source about your love life, work, money, messages from deceased loved ones and many other subjects.

‘Often we as humans forget who we really are and the Spirit guides help us to remember’

The contact with my Spiritguide. Ben is very close and loving. I always work intensively with him during readings.

I also give Spiritguide-readings with him. This reading tells you who your Spirit Guide is, why you are here, what soul mission you have in this life, who you are and so on. Often we as humans forget who we really are and the Spirit guides help us to remember. A small part of us is human (because we have a body) but our largest part is pure Source energy.

I think I have the most beautiful profession in the world. Helping people showing them the wealth of opportunities and talents they have. Giving clarity, answers and insights. Connecting people with their own Spiritguides and Source energy.

All answers are found within yourself, but sometimes you need someone who can show you the way so that you can follow your path with clarity and confidence.

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*Living in the NOW, in the present moment is very powerful. Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher who explains why it is so powerful and life changing to live in the NOW and to experience the power of NOW.

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