What is remote viewing?

Remote Viewing (RV) – “sensing” with the mind – is the practice of seeking accurate information about a distant or unseen target. Typically a remote viewer is expected to give information about a location, person, object or event that has been blocked from normal perception by distance or time. It’s all about perceiving information inaccessible through ‘conventional’ senses. The remote viewer can see without using their eyes, but by mental means alone. Think of the remote viewer describing a location on the other side of the world that they have never been to or an event that happened a long time ago.

The difference between psychic receptivity and remote viewing

Remote viewing is built into every one of us, even though most of us are not consciously aware of it. You might even be using it without realizing it. Remote viewing is associated with ‘second sight’ and the idea of clairvoyance. Whatever human ability makes remote viewing possible is probably the same basic ability that makes clairvoyance work. Having clairvoyant abilities means being able to see things that others cannot see or spontaneously receiving certain information without actually knowing how you got it. You might have experienced this yourself at a certain point in time such as when you had an intuitive flash of insight that turned out to be right. The difference however, between remote viewing and psychic receptivity is that remote viewing i

s something that can be trained and controlled and learnt by everyone to a certain degree. Remote viewing was actually developed and first explored in a scientific setting and centered on finding out more about hidden objects, geographic locations, and more. Other differences between psychic receptivity and remote viewing include:

  • Remote viewing is a mixture of various sensory experiences as opposed to just ‘viewing’ or ‘seeing’. Remote viewing can also involve smells, sounds, tastes and textures.
  • Remote viewing is used within research and investigations as opposed to for the purpose of giving psychic readings, reading auras or telling fortunes.

Collecting conscious vs. unconscious information

Your brain generates the largest part of the sensory information that you experience. In daily life, your mind is used to taking small samples of the environment and translating them into what’s going on. In remote viewing however, it is key to translate very subtle information that is not as strong as your conscious perception. It’s all about being present in that very moment and collecting unconscious information before your conscious mind interferes with this process.

Psychic readings

We offer an array of different psychic readings. If you are interested in a clairvoyant reading you can reach out to our clairvoyants ‘Marga’ or ‘Maria’ in our list of available psychics. Feel free to explore different kind of psychic abilities, learn how to develop your own psychic abilities or dive into Spirit Guides.

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