Soulmates & Twinsouls

Is he or she my soulmate or twinflame? Have I met my soulmate or twinflame?

How can I meet my soulmate or twinflame? What is a soulmate of twinflame?

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”
― Emery Allen

It sometimes happens that you meet someone with whom it clicks right from the very first second. It can feel like you are struck by lightning. You can have a strong sense of recognition, as if you feel that you have known this person for a long time. That is true because our soul knows, our soul has a flawless memory. If we meet someone with whom we have had a relationship in a previous life or perhaps even previous lives, then your soul remembers this immediately as soon as you bump into this person in your present life. You can feel direct sympathy or even love for someone. These intense feelings are difficult –if not impossible- to explain to someone who never had a soulmate or twinflame encounter.

It can also happen that you meet someone and feel instant resistance or other negative feelings. This is also a soulmate with whom you may have had not so positive experiences in a previous life.

‘A soulmate appears in many forms’

You can sometimes experience days, weeks or months before the actual meeting, premonitions through which you know that ‘something is in the air’, that something special is waiting for you.

You have to understand that only the body does not know the other person yet. You do not know what appearance your soulmate has chosen in this life. But on a soul level you have known your soulmate for a long time, probably for centuries. And it is very common that you meet each other in dreams when you both leave your body and meet in another form of consciousness. Long before the meeting on earth takes place.

We grow and learn through these contacts. A soulmate comes in many forms, for example your child(ren), a colleague, your partner or even your neighbor. Then there are also twinsouls. My main Spiritguide Ben* would like to explain the following about this:

“I understand that on earth the term ’twinsoul’ is used. We do not use terms because we feel through energy and vibration how souls are connected to each other. No words are needed. I understand that it works differently on earth and that is why I will use the term ’twinsouls’ in my explanation to avoid confusion.

First, it must be understood that every relationship – whether it be a soulmate, a very first soul encounter or a twinsoul – is equally important for the growth of the soul.

‘With twinsouls there is a sense of unity in all areas’

The soul has had to go through a certain amount of development and growth before getting ready for this encounter. You do not have to be enlightened at all, but you have to have a certain level of self-awareness. This almost always runs synchronously with a certain degree of spiritual awareness. You as a soul have to be able to feel the difference between the relationships you were happy and satisfied with in the past and what does not suit you anymore. Not that this was wrong, on the contrary! Through relationships and interaction with others we grow, your soul grows and every relationship brings you closer, to what your soul really wants and what your soul desires.

You can compare this with a staircase that you walk up. Every relationship brings you one step further and is a gift because it takes you on your way to your twinsoul. Every relationship has the goal to make you more aware. It reflects how you were in life at the time of that relationship. Each step brings you closer to your twinsoul and it can take several lifetimes before you are ready as a soul. It is not that one will meet his or her twinsoul in every life.

The purpose of a twinsoul relationship is that they together put something down on earth. You as a soul alone could also partly do this, but because of the other person’s presence it becomes much more goal-oriented, bigger and more effective. That requires the unified power, love and energy. They are going to put together something that serves mankind, in whatever form. With twinsouls there is a sense of unity in all areas. Spiritually, physically, emotionally and spiritual. It happens that twinsouls have experienced similar experiences in their lives prior to the encounter, but that is not the case in all cases. That is different for every soul couple.

‘Your pure self without ego, as you are born in all your strength and your pure state of being is what I mean’

An important characteristic of twinsouls is that you are asked to meet the other person as you yourself. Then you might think, that is easy to be myself, but nothing is less true. Your pure self without ego, as you are born in all your strength and your pure state of being is what I mean.

Being yourself means that you dare to stand naked (figuratively speaking) in front of the other person. When I first met Isa ** on earth I tried to take on a role automatically. I was so used to do that. A role in which (in my opinion) I came to the fore at my best. That was swept away in one go. I could not and should not assume a role, that was in one way or another directly unacceptable and I just did not succeed anymore.

I had to show who I was and what my soul looked like. That is terrifying. Exposing yourself is not something you just do. And yet that is what is required of you. Show yourself to the other in your purest form. Without any frills or better oneself. Without letting your ego pass through in a negative way. That is showing yourself. You are vulnerable, but in your vulnerability lies your greatest strength at the same time. If you dare to go through this fear you feel free and wonder why you have ever been afraid of this. You are more yourself than you have ever been.

‘If you are rejected by someone else then there may be two possibilities’ 

With a twinsoul relationship you are gratefully welcomed by each other if you show yourself naked (figuratively speaking) to each other. The other person is treated respectfully and carefully.

If you are rejected by someone else then there may be two possibilities. 1. The other person is not yet ready to show him or herself figuratively naked and give this to you and therefore not receive you as your pure self.

  1. The other person is not your twinsoul. Our desire to meet the ultimate other (twinsoul) can make us desperate. We think we feel that another person we have met is our twinsoul. What actually happens is that the own desire for a twinsoul is projected on someone who is not.. with sometimes all the sad consequences and feelings of rejection. A responsibility is placed on the other person, a responsibility that the other person will never be able to bear and which can never be fulfilled. What one feels is a spirit relationship and it is not always the intention this turns into a love-relationship .

You may have met this person for very different reasons. An encounter with a soulmate can also enter deep into your soul and heart, this should certainly not be underestimated. But know that if the person you love does not or can not accept you as you are, then this is not your twinsoul.

Between twinsouls there is acceptance, complete trust and there is no need to own the other. No games are played with each other from fear and ego. The ego-games are no longer a part of your soul who has reached a high degree of maturity when you meet your twinsoul.

‘You are vulnerable, but in your vulnerability lies your greatest strength at the same time’

Of course there will be quarrels, after all, you are each a person with your own personality and that can clash. But after a fight, the air is cleared again and you continue with your common goal on earth. No resentments that linger, no irritations, double agendas, unspoken and negative smoldering feelings that could destroy the relationship. There is no time for that, because the common goal on earth must be put down and worked out. There is no need to lay down responsibilities with the other person. You learn to bear responsibilities yourself and together.

Of course, there are souls that become anxious after a twinsoul encounter because they suddenly feel these overwhelming feelings flowing in their souls and hearts. It is something you have never experienced before and you can seriously doubt that what you feel is true?

Life on earth is very short. If twinsouls meet, it is the intention that they engage in their collective task on earth not long after their meeting. No time can be wasted in that. So yes, you can meet someone who is initially frightened and will stand in denial. He or she is of course supported and helped by his or her guides so that the fear of entering into the twinsoul connection is removed. This fear also occurs between soulmates.

Another characteristic prior to the encounter with your twinsoul or soulmate is the question: can you be by yourself? Are you nice company for yourself?

When I look back on my life before I first met Isa, I now realize that I was being prepared to enter into this special bond with another soul. Before you meet you will be asked if you can be alone. Do you need other people to feel happy? Do you need someone else to feel complete? In other words: are you one with yourself?

‘Between twinsouls there is acceptance, complete trust and there is no need to own eachother’

Many people are afraid of being alone and they accept a relationship without love because they settle for less out of fear of being alone. Needless to say that this is going nowhere except wasting time. But that is also a very important lesson. A common lesson prior to meeting with your twinsoul is the lesson of loneliness but not being alone; you do not feel alone with yourself. How long this lesson lasts is different for each person.

As long as you are unhappy and/or desperate when you are alone, you are not ready for the meeting yet. Despair means not having faith in the course of your life and often hoping someone else saves you from and out of your loneliness. Make sure you are happy with yourself and that you are independent enough to live alone. You do not have to become a hermit, find nice people around you who inspire you and love you and vice versa. With love and gratitude, Ben”

 *Ben is Barbara’s main Spiritguide

**Isa is the twinsoul of Ben. Isa and Ben have been together in several lives on earth. You can read about their encounter and their lives on earth in Barbara’s book: “We are more alive than most of the living“.

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