Extraterrestrial life and UFOs

Like many people, I am also interested in extraterrestrial life and UFOs. My Spiritguide Ben says the following about this:

“There are several other planets in universes that are equal to earth but have their own evolutionary rate. Yes, I know that on earth there is only one universe, but there are dozens of multiple universes. Some planets are so much further in their development. These beings also look completely different, because they have already evolved much further. On earth, this life form is called ‘extraterrestrial life’, which is a correct denomination. In the not too distant future, this extraterrestrial form of life will become known on earth. Because of power, money and fear, the information that is already known on earth about ‘extraterrestrial life’ is kept silent, but that will change because of external pressure. The time has almost come that it can no longer be kept quiet. With the new era of the earth, the power is diminishing from people who previously had this power. It slowly crumbles and eventually falls apart completely. The beginning has already been set in motion.

This news about extraterrestrial life will bring a lot of confusion to some groups of people. Those who on earth are clinging to a belief or conviction from fear, have to look at this again and that will be a very difficult task for certain people. They are then asked what their own truth is, instead of blindly following. This group of people must then seek the truth for themselves in their own hearts. It will take many years to do this and their guides will of course help with this, they are not alone in this. An enormous number of people will be positive about this news and new insights will be born. The world as you know it today stands before the threshold to completely change with the arrival of this information about residents of other planets and the information that they bring.

Every planet has its own Source and own consciousness. If you are in heaven, it is allowed to visit the other planets. You can work together and learn with these residents to be able to pass on the knowledge to people on earth.’

I also asked my guide the question, what the ultimate goal of these different universes is, and what will happen after the evolution is complete. But I received no answer, at least not the answer I hoped for. This is what he answered to my question:

“Barbara, I understand your curiosity and that you would like to know and understand everything. You know me well enough now to know that if I do not answer your question, it is not the intention that you get answers to this right now. I do not do this to tease or irritate you, it is too early to answer your question. It will come to the fore in both written and spoken words in the future, but not yet. For everything is the right time. Have peace with this”

After my guide told me all of this, I felt a bit down. After all, after his explanation it is painfully clear to me how far our consciousness on earth is still removed from a life without power, hatred, war, human and animal suffering.

I see how we often completely miss the point by being very busy with things in life that do not matter at all.

‘But you should not look at it like that’, he told me ’that would be too black and white. Every era is needed to be able to grow to the next age. However daunting this may be for you, every era is progressing. Try to look at all the beautiful things that have happened in this era and that are going to happen. Try to get optimism and strength out of that.’

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