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A guest on the TV show called "Life & Cooking" on RTL 4

Barbara - the medium

Last Sunday, Life & Cooking received psychic and medium Barbara on the show. Her supernatural ability enables Barbara to contact celebrity stars who have passed away. Carlo and Irene joined her for a very special interview.

Supernatural PowersSupernatural Powers
Barbara, in her position of medium from the town of Bussum, is an unfamiliar face on television. Her psychic abilities allow her to establish contact with deceased celebrities, such as Lady Diana or rock singer Kurt Cobain. On her Website, Barbara explains that she has been different from other children even as a little girl. "I saw things around me, sensed certain situations, and was able to perceive atmospheres automatically." But what exactly is the difference between someone with psychic abilities and a medium? "A medium is a psychic who is able to communicate with persons who have passed away. 'Psychic' is an umbrella term for people able who are clairvoyant in sight, cognition, hearing, sensation, or sense of smell", explains Barbara.

Ask BarbaraAsk Barbara
Previously, the former secretary made a big impression by contacting five famous celebrities. In doings so, she was able to provide highly accurate information in what was to be her television debut. Prevailing doubts about claims by psychics do not worry Barbara. "A frightened psychic isn't a real psychic" is her reply. For the past four years, Barbara has been running her own practice in Bussum. On personal consultations, Barbara uses personal items, such as a watch or photograph belonging to the people you want to know about. Any topic is valid; by telephone as well. What do the coming twelve months have in store for you? How is your relationship developing, and what about your future prospects? Barbara even consults by E-mail.

A casual get-together with the stars
During the show, Carlo and Irene asked Barbara to call down some departed stars for a casual chat. To this end, she was shown some photographs, including one depicting Elvis Presley.
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