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(Medium Platform Netherlands)

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A few of my favorite books
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Eagle And The Rose | Rosemary Altea Eagle And The Rose | Rosemary Altea
A Remarkable True Story
A gifted medium describes her ten experiences with the afterlife and introduces her spirit familiar, a Native American ghost who taught her how to heal, astraltravel, and perform soul rescues.
The Unbelievable Truth | Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith, the internationally respected medium explores the world of the afterlife. Gordon is a highly articulate speaker and experienced teacher. In his new book he travels deep into the world that exists beyond death.
The Unbelievable Truth | Gordon Smith
Life Changing Messages | Gordon Smith Life Changing Messages | Gordon Smith
Remarkable Stories From The Other Side
The messages that Gordon has conveyed to people from friends and relatives in the Spirit world have had a profound impact on their lives. Learning that death is not the ultimate and final end.
Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye | Allison DuBois
From the professional medium and profiler who inspired the hit TV series "Medium" comes a memoir filled with fascinating stories of her encounters with "people who have passed" and her adventures assisting various law enforcement organizations.
Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye | Allison DuBois

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December 2006.
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December 2009.
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and part 2.
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